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Curse Client will not load FTBUnleashed!

gordon301 [Admin][Donator] posted Oct 8, 16


Recently we've noticed that a few of you are unable to connect to our server because you are using the curse client, there is currently an issue with the curse client that doesn't install the FTB Unleashed pack properly and as of now the current fix is to use the FTB legacy launcher.

To download the legacy launcher simply use one of the buttons shown here on the Official FTB Website

Click me to go to the official FTB Website.


You can click HERE to download the launcher straight from the official FTB website (Windows ONLY)

Map reset!

Shybella [Owner][Donator] posted Oct 8, 16

We have gone ahead and performed a map reset. This will begin falls map.

Thank you for playing on FTBUnleashed.net! 

Donors please submit a ticket to get items refunded back to you in-game. 

Shybella [Owner][Donator] Discord chat here: https://discord.gg/pZbR2D3
digimonlords Fun now I have to rebuild my base again :,,, (

Server Reset!

gordon301 [Admin][Donator] posted Jul 13, 16

Well, it's that time once again!

We've reset the map to allow you all to start from fresh!


- You can no longer sell fuel for money at spawn

+You can now sell concentrated essence berries for money!

That's right! Instead of oil this reset you can sell XP essence berries! The bushes to grow these rare berries are located underground in caves in small groups, these can then be harvested and brought back to base where you can either manually collect them or use a harvester from MFR to collect them!


//FTBUnleashed Staff Team

YouTube Rank

sciencefreak74 [Manager][Manager] posted Jun 20, 16

Hello Everyone!

Due to popular demand we have decided to implement a youtube rank for all you good people out there who like to make youtube videos.

If you would like to apply, go on the forums and click youtube rank application or click here

If you are accepted you will get the custom prefix shown beneath


LilBub_ Hi as i have applied for this rank i was wondering If I do get the rank how i get Notificated if i succeed at getting it...

Quantum Generators

gordon301 [Admin][Donator] posted Jun 14, 16


Due to the ammount of severe lag that we have been encountering recently due to quantum generators we have put a new rule in place. From now on you MUST attach MFSU's DIRECTLY onto the Qgen before taking an output with glass fiber cable (You can cover as many sides as you wish with MFSU's). If we find you with a Qgen that violates this rule then it will be confiscated and you will not get it back.

Here is a diagram that shows exactly what is and isn't acceptable.

Also note: Qgens MUST NOT have the top value above 20k.